ecoart studios is an award-winning eco-conscious landscape design+build studio operating in the Washington D.C. Metro region.

ecoart studios creates beautiful site-specific landscapes that respond to client needs while simultaneously challenging the industry's traditionalist methods, materials, and conventions.

our first-principles approach to design empowers free-thinking and subsequently results in a uniquely inspiring and exciting client experience.

ecoart studios believes in designing landscapes that serve as a node to the intersection between art and environment; reigniting the fire for artistic creativity and bold innovation.

operating with this freedom, we aim to inspire our community and clients alike to break the glass ceiling of grey block retaining walls and boxwood hedges (no disrespect to boxwoods). Our initative for creative freedom is the guiding principle behind our mission to create environments that are aesthetically, ecologically, and impalpably provocative + productive.

our region's landscape design is boring, outdated, and environmentally toxic.... ecoart is here to change that.

we want to hear your "craziest" landscape design ideas.... floating garden stairs, cantilever concrete pergolas, monolith birdhouses.... whatever it may be - let's make it happen!